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The Bathhouse is the most interactive community on Livejournal! It's the Members Only community where gay men get together to get off. We offer our members features that you won't find on any other community on Livejournal. There's the Community Buddy List that connects you with other members that are online and looking to IM or C2C with other horny guys. Also, The Hook-Up Helper gives you a count of all the other guys in your area that are looking to hook up.

Through embedded videos, webcams and photos, The Bathhouse is the place to come when you're in the mood to . . . well, you know. Beyond that, our regularly scheduled contests and discussions are sure to titillate and thrill you.

Here at The Bathhouse, practically anything goes! However, there are a few things we'd like our members to keep in mind:

  1. Do not request membership to the_bathhouse if you find anything pertaining to gay sex to be offensive.

  2. Members must be at least 18 years of age.

  3. No kiddie porn or any other illegal material should be submitted. Don't get us shut down!

  4. Hopefully, you should realize that you won't find a damned thing in this comm that anyone would consider "Work Safe." LJ Cuts are encouraged for lengthy posts and those containing numerous or large images, but embedded videos and single/initial images DO NOT HAVE TO GO BEHIND AN LJ-CUT! It is the members' responsibility to either abstain from viewing LJ when they should be working, or to be skippy and apply a Filter to their f-list to keep adult content from popping up while on the job.

  5. Any member can be banned at any time, for any reason. ESPECIALLY FOR BITCHING ABOUT THE LJ-CUT POLICY! No worries, though. This is definitely one of the most lenient communities on LJ. Just don't be a dick, and you'll make out fine.
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